Acquiring a caravan is a fantastic investment for anybody who loves exploring the countryside. It is relatively comfortable and offers unforgettable experiences. A caravan needs to be regularly maintained if you want to avoid endangering your life and being saddled with expensive repair bills. You need to regularly look for replacement caravan windows services, the locks and if your smoke alarm is working well before you start your country tour with your caravan. What do you need to do concerning your caravan windows?

Extra information about replacement caravan windows

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning the inside and outside windows of the caravan is a good idea. You should clean them often to remove smallest dust particles that can scratch your caravan window. Use quality cleaning products as they produce better results while cleaning your windows, make sure you use cotton cloth or even better, you can use disposable cotton toweling.

If your windows are so dusty, it's good to use cleaning detergents and water, but avoid using a brush because it has different effects on your caravan windows, even the ones that have soft bristles can scratch the windows. Take your time when cleaning, it is important because when you are in a hurry, you might drag small bits across the windows which may result to scratching the surface. Ensure you are using a clean cloth or sponge before you start washing. Never use a dirty sponge because it might have grits that will scratch your window.

Removing small scratches

Caravan windows are made of acrylic plastic or polycarbonate plastic. Both materials are UV light resistant, have good thermal properties, optically clear and are lightweight. Although the materials used are supposed to make the glass safe, they can still scratch easily and the scratches are mostly visible in direct sunlight. It is possible though to remove the scratches using a mildly abrasive polish, some caravan owner prefers using Brasso or toothpaste for the same job.

Whatever product you use, first take a moment and test if it's working properly on a small area of the window after you can remove the traces using clean water. You also can polish the window using electric polish tools, but avoid using a polishing mop with an electric drill, it can rotate too fast and overheat the plastic.

Replacing caravan windows

The last option is replacing the windows. Once your windows have scratches and you are going on your countryside tour, the direct sunlight that comes in through the scratches on your window will interfere with the quality of your journey. If your caravan windows have scratches or when the sealer or silicone shrinks and water starts to leak, seek to replace your caravan windows. Caravan manufacturers can help you out to replace your caravan window and silicon or sealer shrinks.

Going for a countryside treat is a dream come true for many people, using your caravan makes it even better, but if your caravan has problems with the windows, the quality of your journey will be affected greatly. Consider doing a replacement of the windows when necessary.